17 thoughts on “iPhone Users: Despite Rumors, AT&T Wi-Fi Not Live”

  1. I’ve been using AT&T as a dumb pipe for my Nokia S60-powered smartphones for years now, and am constantly glad that I don’t try to let them offer me much else.

    This is what, the 3-4th time that they’ve had something published on their site (I covered the same story this morning on MobileBurn.com (http://www.mobileburn.com/news.jsp?Id=4963) and then retracted it later, with little explanation.

    Ok, AT&T – either you are, or you aren’t going to offer free WiFi for your iPhone customers. If you’re not going to, say so – once and for all. If you’re working on it, say that. Flip flopping back and forth is nothing short of embarassing, in my opinion.

  2. At this point, the only thing I can do about this iPhone AT&T WiFi debacle is put on a long brown robe, wave my hand in the air and say “These aren’t the hotspots you’re looking for…” in my best Jedi impression. It’s just getting silly that not once, but twice has AT&T’s own website indicated this is a live service. A company’s website is essentially the face of the company these days… *especially* when it’s a company that offers technical products. 😉

  3. To be fair, they did release Wi-Fi access briefly, but it was abused. I would guess at the moment they’re looking for a more secure way to make sure people don’t use their iPhone number from their laptops.

    Hopefully, they’ll think about their data plan customers with other devices, like the Nokia N95 I’m using to write this comment!

  4. @john,

    thanks for reminding me about the brief release – i totally blanked out on that little episode there. just updated the post. thanks to you.

  5. The iPhone rollout is smooth compared to the Facebook profile update they have been pushing out all week.

    For App developers, they are still documenting APIs that they haven’t implemented yet for a beta that was to start last Monday. The existing API is failing for all apps quite frequently.

    It feels like management has a deadline and the code goes live whether it’s ready or not (and it isn’t!).

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