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  1. Yeah, when I think great UI I always think hot pink, bright aqua blue, stars and speech bubbles. If you and your friends think the “horrific” tag should hang on Twitterrific and not Twinkle, you’re smokin something.

  2. I’m also puzzled by these comments, in several ways. Users scroll through messages in Twitterific exactly the same way they scroll through messages in Twinkle, with a flick of the finger. There is literally no difference at all, neither in basic design – new messages at the top, etc. – or (on my iPhone) in performance. The big GUI difference between the two apps, as Frank R said, is in the use of color, and I very much prefer the muted tones of Twitterific. What am I missing? It seems to me that if you’re going to call an app “horrific” you should at least explain what prompts you to use such strong language.

  3. I Twittered-out about 6 months ago. My friends aren’t as exciting as I thought they were and I’m sure that no one cares that I ordered the shrimp scampi.

  4. iTODD is RIGHT!!!!

    who in the world has time to play on twitter, facebook and all of those social communities. i use linkedin to get found by recruiters and find business people to cold call. but i don’t get twittering. anyone who seriously works for a living and doesn’t waste their employers paid for time by being online doesn’t twitter or post facebook responses or any of this BS. it represents the ultimate juvenilization of adulthood. Look at me. Look at me.

  5. @ notgettingit – I agree with you. No one in their right mind and that has a serious day job would have time to twitter and poke and buzz everyone else all the time !

  6. Perhaps more employers (like mine) will jump on the “block all social networking sites” bandwagon. (They also block all the major webmail sites.) I must admit, they ARE a real timesink.

  7. I have to agree with Om. The Twitterific UI is horrible.

    Three clicks to reply to a tweet?

    No ability to see previous tweets from a user?

    No quick access to DMs?

    No ability to follow

    No ability to unfollow

  8. That helps, Master W. I didn’t realize that Twinkle allowed following and unfollowing, which is very nice. However, Twinkle’s refusal to allow users to turn off the “Nearby” tweets makes it unworkable for me – I don’t want to follow someone’s life just because he or she lives near me. I suppose I’ll just have to wait for Twiterrific improvements.

    (Also, replying in Twitterific is a double tap and a tap, or just one tap if you’re not in list view.)

  9. Downloaded &installed Twinkle. Entered my Twitter acct. info. Program told me that I needed a Tapulious acct. Ok, how do I get the account? Nothing on their site that I could find. Went ahead and uninstalled it. Hey Twinkle developers…give us a clue how to get an account!

  10. There is some truth to notgettingit’s description of Twittering as juvenlisation of adulthood. I agree to some extent though not all the way. There is a lot of “Look at me! Look at me!” types of finger pointing in Twitter.

  11. @Ste e

    What you need to do is go to the identity page and then basically sign-up right from there. make a name and an email address and you are signed in. it is as simple as that.

    i would recommend getting a new email account to ensure that your current one still keep it sanctity.

  12. @Thibault, @ideazinger.com, @notgetting it… there are many different ways of looking at it – for some it is a marketing channel, for others it is a community building tool, but in reality it is a way to stay connected to friends and family. Unfortunately, the last and the only useful way of using Twitter is something that gets lost in all the noise around twitter. that said, i like my own description of twitter: a tool to amplify self narcissism.

  13. That right, they are experiencing outages, and you are experiences outrageous operation for 100.00 pa
    If you don’t like it you can always go back to .mac.
    Steve Jobs should live so long.

  14. ok – i am soo lost with twinkle – i thoroughly enjoy it – i love the app – but since evening – its been crashing on me when I load up the app.

    It loads – and then starts receiving the messages/tweets of people around me; and then all of a sudden just goes blank – and then goes to iPhone home screen. it keeps happening – i restarted the phone, shut down the iphone, deleted and reinstalled twitter – everything I thought about – i did – but nothing – nada πŸ™ seriously WTF !! now im getting annoyed at it!!

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