14 thoughts on “Is Facebook Down?”

  1. Yes I’m getting the same thing this morning. It comes back up and then connection lost. I did tweet about this recently too.

  2. Yes, having the same issue, but not until a few mins ago. Came back online a few times, but once found myself logged on as my wife- weird! Also, can access without issue on my iPhone- strange!

  3. Facebook’s been patchy all week. They killed access to my apps, and a few others, for 15 minutes earlier in the week. My app users complain to me about it.

    Don’t worry though, the rollout of the new Facebook Profile next week will make us wish for the glory days of only minor outages.

    1. your not alone , will not even let me put my e mail address in the sign in , but just my password but will not move at all

  4. About 9 :30 AM on the 24th of July , it went down for me , i call up the sign on page it will not let me type in my e mail address , But will take my password , even if i go and fill out like i am new with birthdate and all does nothing , should be someway on the sign in page they can let you know there is a problem , it is now almost 4;30 PM still can get nothing

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