5 thoughts on “Gut Check: State of the Global Wireless Data Market”

  1. @360view:

    Just in time for AT&T and Verizon’s LTE networks to light up. In Europe, they’ll already be lit up by 2010. I don’t think the availability of bandwidth will be an issue. The cost of that bandwidth is and could still be an issue, however.

  2. Hi Chetan,

    It is technically not true China hasn’t deployed 3G technologies in fact China Mobile has deployed in 10 cities already and 3G TDSCDMA mobile handsets through Samsung for China Mobile, you’ll probably see more devices during the Beijing Olympics. Lenovo will also be pitching a TDSCDMA handset. They will use TDSCDMA handsets during the Beijing Olympics and possibly also test either Mobile WiMax or McWLL Broadband in QINGDAO during Olympic sailing races. China’s government has a strategy of favoring domestically produced technology for domestic consumption, while supporting their main equipment vendors Huawei and ZTE to sell Western licensed 2G/3G wireless protocol equipment into Western markets at dirt cheap pricing to kill competition. I also anticipate China Mobile to leap frog into 4G with software defined radio schemes in 2009. By the time we hear of official 3G license release, domestic players and technologies will have already jockeyed for positioning in China’s competitve market.


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