23 thoughts on “Joost CEO On US & Global Plans, Cutbacks”

  1. Let the speculation begin on what Joost is going to do to regain the market ;).

    Its going to be an interesting Summer is all I can say .

  2. “He said that Joost is going to announce a new web-based platform in a few months.” Finally, they see the light! Hope it’s not too late for them.

  3. While Joost tried to dazzle us with a great GUI and P2P technology, a video site is ALL about the content. Joost tried to get the media guys to give up 50% of the revenue and Joost also wanted to cotnrol the advertising relationships with brand name advertisers. Both of these are non-starters with major media companies. The media folks know that their content has value over a long period and is where all the value really is. They learned the lesson on cable, where a channel like TVland can make money off of old TV series. Why give Joost 50%. There isn’t a lot of money out there now for the content and the content will still have value later. All the gain in the deal Joost proposed was for Joost and not much was there for the media folks.

    Maybe the International markets will be different. Maybe the Scandinavian content isn’t worth much over time. But if that is true than Joost won’t get a lot of viewing or ad dollars. China is a huge market, but the popular content there is all pirated. “Prison Break” is number one on the Internet there and is posted to pirate P2P sites, fully and idiomatically correctly translated, only a few hours after it is broadcast.

    Joost is headed for the dead pool unless one of the “bigger fools” can be convinced the business has value before it dead pools.

  4. Hulu kicks ass in the US. Joost will most likely have some killer content, although not the network stuff. the good news is Hulu is helping to develop the internet TV market that Joost kicked off and that may make life easier for Joost when it comes to monetization.

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