27 thoughts on “Hands-on with the brand new, thin and stunning iMac”

  1. Love them or hate them, Apple products really are works of art (for the most part). It’s the kind of computer you aspire to have on your desk.

    I just upgraded my PC with comparable/better specs for a pittance in comparison (less the screen; I have two LCDs that are totally mediocre), so it isn’t for me. That said, I can’t deny the allure of the new iMacs. It would look awesome standing over my Sayl.

  2. “It occupies 40 percent less volume than its predecessor and an edge that measures just 5 mm thick.”
    That might be true but the depth with stand is only .15″ less than the outgoing 27″ model.

    “It used the latest NVIDIA GeForce processors deliver up to 60 percent faster performance for advanced gaming and graphics intensive apps.”
    Sorry, the iMac may be using the latest notebook parts from nVidia but they aren’t close to the task of “advanced gaming” or “graphic intensive apps” at the native resolution of the iMacs display.

    Please, do everyone a favor and not regurgitate press release BS. I am a little embarrassed for you.

    1. I do agree that a list of PR-sounding bullet points in this article looked weak. Didn’t give the impression of a news article. Then again, if Om was basically going to be rewriting those specs into paragraphs anyway, it would have been phony of him to rewrite it in different words, but have the same data, just to make it APPEAR to be original analysis of some kind.

  3. I have a 15″ MBPro Retina. When I look at that new screen is it going to bug me like when I go from MBPro to my April 2009 iMac?

      1. Which is why I maintain an ongoing relationship with a reseller who takes trade-ins. I’ll wait an extra week for them to be in stock after the Apple stores; but, they offer me double the offer from Gazelle for my 2-year-old iMac.

      2. Another shout-out to PowerMax in Oregon. Got back quite a bit for an old G4 Mac Mini and for an even older Apple display. They also sell refurbished products. Have purchased, over the years, four different refurbs (and two new computers) from them, and have never had a problem.

        They used to run a Mac-only reseller, “The Computer Store” in the Northwest, which also had a very good reputation as a reseller (and had great service and support).

  4. I have been waiting for the new iMac for a long time. Now I can wait.

    I love being mobile (iPhone and iPad) but when I am at home, I want to sit on a nice chair and a computer with a big screen even if I want to browse internet.

    1. Another Lion hater here. But if it’s any comfort to you, Mountain Lion is a lot nicer. It just *feels* better (and I wish I could be more specific about why I like it more).

  5. Well, I have been waiting for the new iMac to come out and now I am disappointed. I use the SuperDrive from time to time, and I use an SD card alot. Not having these components convenient to use means I will be looking at a 2011 model. I might as well get a refurbished unit and save some more money. I think Apple is getting away from practical products in their quest for thinness. I think the Hybrid drive is a great idea and the display is awesome but the new iMac just loss my business because it lacks some basic usefulness.

  6. I can honestly say I have never used the line in jack of any of my computers for the last five years. And I am a music producer and DJ. Pick up an iMic, it’s completely inexpensive and you get a second output as well.

  7. hi I just purchased the 3.1 I5 27″ iMac…can you get Flash player for it ?? Adobe flash looks like it will load but the installer wants permission to make changes…whaT HAPPENS TO THE IMAC IF ONES GOES AHEAD WITH THE FLASH PLAYER INSTALLATION ??

  8. Been waiting to get an iMac for 3 years? Want to upgrade from macbook 2007 to iMac. Was so happy to finally hear that the iMac will be out. Unhappy to hear that it will be out in November. Thanx Apple for keeping me still waiting. Why can’t they just sell the products after they announced?

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