17 thoughts on “Hate Comcast? Get Faster DSL in San Francisco”

  1. @SimonSays You Should Try Covad – they are also offering really high speed connections if you are looking for an option.

    @Scott Rafer you should try Sonic.net

  2. Nice, I hope we see more of this.

    It’s frustrating how slow ADSL2+ has been adopted in this country, and how the telephone companies have allowed a public perception to form that DSL is slow. I’m glad I have access to ADSL2+ service (via forethought.net) here in Denver, CO.

  3. I love my little corner of the Dogpatch but the internet situation here is absolute shit. 768Kbps DSL is OUR ONLY OPTION.

    Sonic – if you can cover the south end of 94107 I have a feeling everyone in my building and the building around me will be customers in a heartbeat.

  4. If you’re on the SF peninsula or south bay you can also try Etheric.net . They offer broadband fixed wireless at speeds 15 to 45 megabits per second (**symmetrical**) and latencies around 10 milliseconds.

  5. DSL is slow and outdated. Providers seem to require either an additional charge or a land-line phone. Land-line, like a nightmare, why would I want one? It might ring or even worse, someone might expect me to answer it. Cable and cell phones are the way to go thanks.

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