6 thoughts on “Super-fast Broadband Spreads Across Bay Area”

  1. You can max out the cap about 11 hours. What’s the point? Virtual zero Internet sites will transmit to you at 50mbps. Increasing upload speed is more interesting for me. Pushing video from a Flip camera to YouTube can take hours.

  2. The Peninsula is roughly everything between Palo Alto/Menlo Park and San Francisco and everything south is considered the South Bay…I thought.

  3. Also in San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area, Sonic.net is offering it’s Fusion ADSL2+ products. Today they are single pair, 18Mbps/1Mbps max, but Annex M (double upstream) and pair bonding (double down/upstream) and pair bonded Annex M (wow!) are coming soon.

    No caps.

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