11 thoughts on “Big Media Is Buying, Hearst goes Kaboodle”

  1. 2.2Million unique visitors in June 2007. Assuming the numbers are worldwide, and Hearst is primarily interested in US numbers to begin with – thats pretty good. Can’t help but wonder what the US (read “most important”) customer numbers are…?

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  3. Somehow the story shows how the ‘war’ between new and old media will end. Old media need some internet expertise in several fields and it’s ready to acquire it by means similar to the two transactions discussed above.

    In spite of the big amounts of dollars available, such moves won’t be able to exclude users and new content organization ideas from the party. Probably the innovations in terms of collective journalism and everything are at their beginning.

  4. Congratulations to the Kaboodle team. This is some great market validation for the social shopping space. As co-founder of Wishpot, a personal and social shopping utility, I firmly believe we have barely scratched the surface of the opportunity and innovation for social shopping.

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