One thought on “Hello Startups, See You at Launch Conference & i/o Ventures’ Next Class”

  1. I think Calacanis is full of it (and of himself). He’s very one dimensional in the way that he approaches starting a business, especially when it comes to funding. I think the biggest problem with the culture around tech startups is that no one cares about building a lasting, durable business, and that’s why the shelf life of these companies is so short. Build, get some money, then flip or die. Newsflash to people with those dreams: You won’t be the next Facebook or Twitter.

    I think the best example of this was when David Heinemeier Hansson of 37signals (known for being fiercely independent and profitable without outside cash) took him to task on his own video show. I wish the technology world would spend more time focusing on how to build sustainable and durable businesses that solve problems and not how to get rich quickly.

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