15 thoughts on “Interview: Bill Gross Talks About Twitter's Clampdown”

  1. I see all kinds of infringment here of Twitter’s TOS. What Gross is trying to do is divert Twitter revenue to his company. Unfortunately I think he is about 2 years too late to do this. Now he is in a collision path with Twitter.

    My bet is he starts his own micro-blogging service and competes with Twitter.

    In other words, Twitter should cut off Uber Media now before Uber Media parasites off Twitter to create its own microblog network.

  2. As with the other posters to this blog, I am getting hints of parasitic activity. I appreciate and respect that fact that bills have to be paid and revenue has to be generated but there are more forthright and honest ways of doing so. The Inter-connected networks were paid for by our tax dollars and returned to us by the US Department of Defense. Let’s use them more honestly and conscientiously.

  3. I’m curious about the claim that UberMedia controls 20% of Twitter traffic. Data source?

    The claim does not jibe with data from TwitterSource, which uses a randomly generated sample of 5% using the Twitter streaming API. Those data show UberTwitter/UberSocial with about 7% of the traffic; other UberMedia products each have considerably less than 1% traffic. UberMedia doesn not yet own TweetDeck, which holds 5% of traffic, but even with TweetDeck, the math doesn’t add up to 20%.


  4. It would be nice if über twitter had pre-informed us rather than dumping the system like this, until they satisfy @EV and the kids over at Twitter users like me on “pay-as-you-go” service are completely cut off from using multiple twitter accounts..

    No one wants to be on “pay-as-you-go” in this industry but some times you start from scratch like i did on December 27th and have no choice but to be a beggar and not a chooser when it comes to mobile device plans and usage..

    über twitter allowed me to have as many accounts as i wanted and use twitter so long as i was within reach of wi-fi which in the modern world is pretty much all of the time.

    Not being able to be forthcoming and only finding out the ‘truth’ via this article was a sincere disservice to those of us not on ‘formal contract plans’ with our carriers.

    It is simply negligent, inhuman.

    I hope that the tech biz as it matures becomes more about #Betterness and less about #Business, for that can be too saturated with greed and poor decision making.


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