7 thoughts on “More Skype Shake Ups, Kazim gone, Gomez Up”

  1. Henry, have your developers update the Linux client. In the beginning Skype was more cross platform. Everyone is jump to wengo or gizmo project.

  2. Great, now they can fuck it up just like they did with ebay and paypal. Those 2 companies could care less about the consumers, and in the end, paypal will go from being a great and free company, to being another evil corporate entity. Fuck you ebay / paypal!

  3. It wasn’t the Ebay buyout per se, but Skype has lost 100% of its’ cool factor. It’s still great for working around firewalls (Although Gizmo has gotten better), but apart from that it hasn’t got anything to recommend about it.
    Add to that the fact that it’s not standards compliant, doesn’t interconnect with anything else and has become more and more of a system hog, and it’s right on the verge of getting kicked from my Dock. SIP sucks, and it’s triply sucky if you’re adminning a firewall, but it’s standard, it’s interconnectable and it works.
    Skype would need an incredible rabbit out of the hat at this point to make me change my mind about it


  4. I wonder if Skype now is going to be abusive towards their customer base as ebay/Paypal is ?
    It is going to be interesting.
    In top floor office he may not realize that it a totally diffirent ballgame with tons of real competition for your customers to leave to.

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