13 thoughts on “Hey Mom, Even You Can Get a Kindle”

  1. If Kindle is going to be available in “100 countries”, would it mean that the ENTIRE Kindle library would be available to the residents of these countries? Is there any information available of this?

    1. Adnan

      The way they word it, it says that the device will be available to download in 100 countries. It is still not clear how many countries they will actually be selling the device in.

  2. this price drop seems to make the DX’s high price even more glaring. i wonder if they’ll drop it soon… i really need the PDF support for my O’Reilly books b/c their monospace & bold fonts in native books are pretty weak….

    1. I have both and I still prefer the small one because it is easy to read when in an economy seat ๐Ÿ™‚ and also it is good to fall asleep on. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree, DX is pretty high priced.

  3. Meanwhile I go to the library and get books for free, as well as borrow and share books and magazines with family and friends.

    I still don’t understand why people will PAY for every book they read.

  4. Don’t want to be perceived as an Apple fanboy, but I am definitely waiting to see where these devices (from Apple and others) go before biting the bullet.

    The price needs to come down, and the publishers/authors need to get their acts together. I had the big Kindle for a day, thought it looked great, but couldn’t justify the cost (tried to get my employer to pay for it, but it didn’t work).

  5. This comment, “The new international version of the device is going to use AT&Tโ€™s 3G network”, doesn’t make any sense. How can it use AT&T when the devices aren’t even in the US!?. Don’t you just mean that it will be using UMTS/GSM.

    Also from what I have read today, in some countries the wireless option is not even available.

    1. Actually, I found the answer to my own question. I guess you meant “using AT&T” to actually mean they are using the existing roaming agreements that AT&T has.

      But that still doesn’t explain the gaps in the wireless support. I know, for example, both the main mobile operators in Finland have roaming agreements with AT&T, but there is no wireless support for the Kindle here. The table posted by “Blog Kindle” was quite interesting in this regard.

  6. Do you see a convergence / competition path between Kindles and other e-readers, and netbooks?

    I’d like to have a Kindle kind of reading comfort on my writing device. Or if the Kindle, or another dedicated e-reader, had had a keyboard and supported browsing and writing, I’d have bought a Kindle instead of a netbook, for some upcoming writing.

    Netbooks could decimate dedicated e-readers if an e-reader app with spectacular rendering is developed (hello, Google?!) in parallel with a robust reverse hinge assembly, and the trend for lighter weights continues. A tablet-like or Apple-touch-device-like touch screen would be super for page turning, too.

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