12 thoughts on “How Can You Not Be Touched?”

  1. Hey Om! This is so awesome that it was helpful. I studied existentialism for my major in college and set out to find the purpose of life, but never found one (duh!) and became really sad and depressed for many years.

    After I gave up looking, I reread The Myth of Sisyphus by Camus and while some people argue Camu’s intent, this was what I gleamed from it:


  2. Om,

    That you continue to cover so much on industries which are otherwise too disparate for us to follow is not the only reason you (and TC) are central to my daily read, even before the Guardian or BBC! That you can also retain such a genuine and transparent feel to this blog/network is inspirational.

    Hopefully, when we launch a concept I have been working on since university (not linked here), we will be able to communicate how and where GigaOm helped to focus and consolidate our vision. If we get anything wrong, I am sure you guys will let us know! In advance, thanks Om.

  3. @ Pavan

    Thanks for your kind words.

    When it comes to your concept, when you are ready we would love to know more, but as they say, no promises.

  4. Thanks Om, no great expectations. Wishing you the best of health.

    Ps… We are really missing the GigaOm Show, hope you will be well enough to bring it back soon.

  5. It’s cool that there seems to be more room in our hearts these days not only for the giving of these sorts of gifts, but also the warm-hearted receipt. Thanks for sharing this experience, made my day.

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