11 thoughts on “The 3G iPhone Almost Real…on July 11”

  1. It seems they’re still using the same processor, and the same kind of video-processing unit as they did with the original device. I wonder why that is?

    It’s hard to change everything at once. If they’d changed the cpu (which iirc has the graphics integrated) that would have been a ton more testing & QA.

  2. More to the point, breaking compatibility with existing iPhones would piss off a lot of people and create a testing nightmare. Newer tech is also more expensive, which isn’t helpful when you’re lowering the price. Besides, the hardware in the old phone isn’t all that old. Would’ve been silly to “upgrade” when it already works.

  3. Om, what’s interesting is that with this new pricing Apple moves away from the rev share deal that they pioneered with AT&T.

    With the benefit of time, the original deal just might come to be seen as the ‘second greatest unintentional head-fake in tech history’ since by setting the bar so high for what a mobile phone could be, and extracting rich financial terms from AT&T, Apple seriously baited the hook for carriers desperate to get into the excuse-free mobile Internet game, but waiting for a vendor with more traditional economics (i.e., a heavily subsidized phone but no revenue sharing).

    Prediction: carriers will sign up en masse, customers will see $199 as a relatively easy impulse buy, and once a couple ‘have to have’ iPhone apps start flooding into the market, Apple is going to do some crazy volume.

    Check out the post I wrote on the topic, if interested:

    Jobs and iPhone: The (second) greatest unintentional head-fake in tech history?


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