85 thoughts on “AT&T Mobility Chief: New 3G iPhone Is a Game-changer”

  1. I’ll have to just disagree on a particular point, that of 3G for the iPhone having speeds similar to WiFi. The iPhone 3G has HSDPA, which gives a maximum 14.4Mbps is way off what’s now standard wifi speed (54mbps) unless he’s talking about 802.1b which is 11Mbps. But then again, I’m hailing from Europe, I don’t know how the US market looks like.

    Even then what I’ve witnessed, through using an actual 3G phone and living in a country at which 3G and it’s iterations have been rolled out over the past 7 years or so, is that mobile phones usually have a 384Kbps connection, some may even go to slightly over 1Mbps. If I were you I really, really wouldn’t count on having “wifi speed”. But mind you, 384Kbps is great for the mobile web and ~1Mbps is also great when you turn on bluetooth on the phone and use an internet tablet to access the “real” web. Usually 3.6 and 7.2 speeds are achieved by plugging a 3G dongle onto a laptop.

    As a side note, I remember the ads when 3G was rolled out and on the tellie everything looked snappy, video calls had high resolution and didn’t suffer from any lag. It was being pitched as something “as fast as your cable connection” (remember that this was way back in 2001). Then it hit the market, the market was utterly disappointed with the result. The lesson to learn here is that you shouldn’t pitch 3G, whichever version of it, against faster, fixed alternatives but instead pitch it as a big boost against what’s currently out there in the mobile market. Vodafone has, in my opinion, been doing this successfully, ATT Mobile should borrow a page from their book.

  2. “This device is a true game changer. Why? The immediacy of the data at your fingertips is huge. Imagine, looking up anything, anywhere. It (3G iPhone) allows you to leave your computer at home. It totally and completely mobilizes your data. Before this device you weren’t really un-tethered, but with this you are.”

    Not hard to imagine since other devices have been doing it for years. My AT&T 8525 (with that guy’s company logo stamped right on it) has been doing everything that he claims the iphone will do and more for years. When will people wake up and realize the iphone brings absolutely NOTHING new to the table.

  3. No video recording? No focus or zoom camera? No voice recording? No MMS messaging? $15 extra a month for the same plan on the 2G phone? $100 for a Me.com account? No Flash player? A 320×480 screen resolution? No QWERTY keyboard?

    But the biggest drawback of all is the closed system of the iPhone. Good luck waiting for Apple to approve the killer application that you want.

    Fortunately, the browser will enable us to use web apps like Gmail, Gcal, Google apps, etc.

    Beware the hype though. Nokia sells more phones in a week than Apple has ever sold iPhones.

  4. I love the phone, but I really think at this point it’s just too expensive for most consumers.
    $40 for 450 minutes
    $30 for unlimited data
    $15 for 1500 text messages (or $5 for 200 text messages)
    $85 for a heavy texter or $75 for a lite texter

    I think they charge way too much for data on a phone.
    If they are going to charge $30 for unlimited data, then it should include unlimited texting as well.

    If you have a family of iphone lovers, each person pays $30 for data.

    1. Agreed completely. I was going to purchase this phone until I realized texting was not included. Seriously costs too much.

  5. So the price of the phone goes way down but the data plan goes up and you have to pay for texting. Someone needs to do the math and figure out if that’s a fair trade off. Personally, I may have wanted to pay more for the phone and keep my monthly costs down.

  6. No freakin way, this guy is saying that Texting is NOT included anymore?

    So my $60/m iPhone is gonna cost new 3G people $85/m for the same thing? Screw AT&T I’ll stick with this they can goto hell

  7. My current iPhone is $20/month unlimited. Now they are saying $30/month for data ONLY? Add another $10/month for texting and you really have an $80/month phone + taxes people’s sell phone bills will be pushing $100/month!! That is out of control. I’ll never buy this thing I’ll keep my jailbroken original until Verizon or something comes out with a reasonable deal.

  8. @djacobs well, so are the faster HSDPA speeds, specially on a mobile phone, aren’t they mate? what exactly was your point?

  9. Did I read that right? SMS is not covered in the pricing? That’s crazy! AT&T is really trying to gouge the iPhone faithful.

  10. I agree with Mr. Atkins on everything, but I would say the main disadvantage of the iphone is called AT&T.

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  12. I hope ATT will allow FAN codes onto their plans now, since apple is not running the show. I want my 19% off

  13. I don’t know about the average person but this is very expensive. My family was hoping to drop our land line and move exclusively to ATT but not anymore.

    Wonder if there’s a family plan?

    ATT is being a pig here, period, end of story.

  14. This could be a deal if you’ve got a family plan. If my wife and I could both share unlimited 3G internet and share 200 text messages for $35 on top of our current plan, that would be a deal.

  15. @Robert
    AT&T knows they can charge insane amounts of money, since it’s the iPhone, and people will be inclined to buy it anyway. AT&T is making it seem as if a 3G network is new technology, which, sadly, some people will believe.

    So basically the AT&T service plans for the iPhone are broken up, and more expensive? That’s great. Now my bill will be in the triple digits.

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  17. Great post Om, and some EVEN BETTER comments!

    I recently blogged about the INSANE amount of coverage the BBC gave to the launch of the new iPhone (they gave it BREAKING NEWS status on their new site!) and got more visitors than ever before!

    You REALLY stir some geek-passion when you blog about either Apple, Linux or Microsoft.

    Jim Connolly

  18. Now text messages are not included??!! AND no stereo bluetooth and no support for a bluetooth keyboard. Wow, no wonder Steve Jobs had to play the commercial 2x during his keynote. He had run out of new features to talk about. I live in Maine where 3G is a non-issue. AT&T is in no hurry to bring 3G to this state or any area away from a big metro concentration so what did we get with this new iPhone? Not much except for more expense.

  19. Does anyone realize how much more consumers are going to pay for the ATT Plans. ATT voice and data plan cost for the 3G iphone is a deal breaker for many people that I know. Sure, the phone starts at $200, but I don’t think people will go for it till ATT offers better service plans.

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