17 thoughts on “How iPhone 3.0 Will Impact Wireless Networks”

  1. The biggest impediment to my bandwidth usage on the iPhone 3G is phone’s processing speed. Whether it’s accessing data locally, or on the network, it seems to run at the same pace. If the new release is faster, that alone would increase my iPhone usage and corresponding bandwidth usage as well.

  2. There was an article in USAToday about the strain the ATT network is under and it is probably not going to get better soon. I know they are trying to get ahead of the curve, but we may all be in for poor network perfomance as more of these devices hit – even Sprint and VZW as they add Pre’s, more Blackberry’s and WM devices. Come on LTE!

  3. internet teethering is working great in Singapore … now, that gives me an option to access internet on my laptop while outdoor without looking for a wi-fi hotspot. now, do you think that will have impact on data usage? i bet it will.

  4. Well, I hearken back to an observation by the late, great George Gilder (okay, he’s not deceased – sorry George!) that when resources shift from scarcities to surplus, tremendous value and wealth is created.

    The whole mobile broadband model has been shaped on a scarcity premise. With iPhone 3G S, Pre, Android, etc. racing to market, the game starts to really change to a surplus play. I am not mathematically smart enough figure out the economic indigestion AT&T, et al will contend with in riding this wave, but seeing AT&T back down a bit on their upgrade path for iPhone 3G owners is suggestive that they realize that this is the next major pivot point in the industry.

    History suggests that it’s better to model yourself to be like Google (create and ride the goodness of surplus) than AOL (milk the cow of scarcity), something not lost on the carriers. The challenge for the wireless guys is to get you onto a bundle ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT package that includes your mobile devices, notebooks, home networking, and then figure a way to create a 1+1=3 on top of that.


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  5. The impact will not be sudden because for this better experience people will have to buy altogether a new iPhone as old iPhones with 3.0 OS are not faster, which will be slow process. Most will upgrade their software only.

  6. A major component of this story is it’s another point in the transition of telecom from low value, high cost services (think long distance) to a high-value, low cost service (as in dumb data pipe). Telecom is terrified of a future where voice services move to the data side of the phone and they’re left competing over bandwidth and latency. For $20/month.

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