11 thoughts on “10 Stories That Defined Broadband in 2008”

  1. Om, (and see my previous comment on Stacey’s post; this is meant to be constructive), what about the great DNS security issue? I know the focus of your post is the “pipes,” but you can’t talk about 2008 without remembering how fragile the addressing system is for sending data thru those pipes. Just saying I think it fits into any look at 2008. Thanks man.

  2. “someone who puts the people before special interest groups.” Yes, a Chicago politician will almost certainly do that. Wait. What?

  3. Time Warner Cable is not “newly independent” of Time Warner Inc. because it’s not independent yet. Federal regulators have not yet approved the deal. Jeff Bewkes said in early November that the split-off, if approved (which it probably will), will likely take place in early 2009.

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