31 thoughts on “Viacom to Take Jon Stewart, MTV & SpongeBob Off The Air on Time Warner Cable Networks”

  1. I just wrote a THANK YOU note to Time Warner Cable, my cable TV provider, and a GOOD RIDDANCE note to Viacom. I could not be happier that a greedy company with a bad attitude toward their customers like Viacom is being slapped down. I’m actually going to enjoy not having access to their programming, knowing Viacom is being hurt in the process. They are easily the worst of the massive media moguls. If we’re extra lucky this will be the beginning of the end of BIG MEDIA, which has strangled entertainment diversity for decades. Next target: The blithering idiots at the FCC.

  2. what is concerning is that the increase from viacom is 25 cents but the rate a person would get billed for is 3.00. whos the manipulator here. its bad enough that there are so many commercials on now that tv isnt fun to watch any more. they ought to give us the cable for free and let the commercials pay for the programming.
    have you tried to watch a baseball game on tv? about 100 commercials, mostly the same items, and a little bit of a ball game.

  3. In this instance, I think TWC should hold firm. There are many reasons for Viacoms flagging ratings and to think that people will want to pay even more just shows how greedy they have become. This should help lower even more there ad revenue since even more people won’t be watching. Good bye Viacom, you will not be missed.

  4. I applaude Time Warner for not wanting at this time of ecomonic down fall to charge customers more money. To me it is bad business dealings for Viacom to want to up prices at this time. Although the kids will miss the channels, we will watch on the internet. Hopefully Viacom will come to see that this is a bad deal at this time to up prices.

  5. This is just another case supporting a la carte pricing. I’d pay a few pennies more for Comedy Central and would make up for it by dumping MTV.

    And certainly the cable companies are no saints here. They’ve not changed anything in 20 years so why have their prices been rising so much faster than inflation during that time?

  6. The real reason TW is doing this is because they have price locked a large % of it customers for two years. So they would have to pay for these increase them self, they don’t care about us. Wakeup people… These cable companys charge $29 a month for phone service when you can get a skype phone and pay $5 a month.

    These companys all have a bottom line and we are all not on that line.

  7. I wrote this to Viacom suggest you do something similar: You misrepresented yourself. I will now go to any and all blogs I can to tell the true story. I called and wrote Time Warner Cable to demand the return of shows I watch all the time. The truth is you are making great money from the cable companies, while they lose money and your trying to gouge additional money out of them. Well, I guess I can lose my shows at YOUR foolishness. Like my grandmother would have said, “Shame on you!”

  8. Both of these companies are being greedy and self-centered during a time of belt-tightening across the country. It’s just another example of the executives in the boardrooms drinking their own brand of kool-aid. I wish they would go ahead and broadcast these people committing hari-kari. It would be a very highly rated show.

    Great time to switch to satellite.

  9. Sorry son … I’m going with Time Warner, and I applaud them for standing up to these thieves and not just taking the hit and passing it on to the consumer.

    I can watch Jon Stewart online the day after (without commercials I might add) … Viacom will not be missed.

  10. I could be wrong here, but I think Viacom has a point. If 20% of americans are view Viacom’s programming, and only 2.5% of TWC’s revenue is going to Viacom fees, then I think they are entitled to more. Don’t drink TWC’s kool-aid guys. If Viacom raises its fees, it doesn’t mean that TWC HAS to raise ours. It simply means they’ll have less profits. But remember who’s pocketing most of that money anyways. So I’ll paraphrase…it means the TWC execs will have 1 less yacht. In the end, Viacom will license its material to online outfits and branded content providers, and TWC will be the dummy. Trust me on that.

  11. these companies better learn how selfish they are. they dont care about the kids the like to watch spongebob and all these other channels.i sujest they should think about the others and not put spongebob of air. its not going to to be fair to the people that watch these chanels.

  12. listen all u little Fs who agree w/ time warner Spongebob and everyone else should stay ok so f every1 who agrres with TW

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