14 thoughts on “Foursquare's Dennis Crowley: Location Will Connect Us”

  1. Om,

    You have shared your interview details which is great. Can you also share your perspectives on the LBS space given that you are veteran silicon valley observer? That would be very beneficial.


  2. don’t know where they’re going but the interview was quite inspiring!

    @Om: Would like to hear more from you on that too!


  3. “It’s all great stuff, but it all happens online. ”

    “In the past, I would spend all this time on my Friendster profile finding people and sharing the profile, and at the end of the day, it was close the lid on your laptop and that was it. It didn’t do anything.”

    It’s still all online, and will continue to be all online and disconnected from the real world. There is simply no way to avoid that. And in the present, I put my cell phone in my pocket and that is it. It doesn’t do anything. I don’t want to keep my phone (or tablet, or whatever) in my hand at all times, I don’t want to have to continually pull out and check my phone for updates. Dennis didn’t address the “it’s a lot of work” issue at all, unless Om didn’t include the response.

  4. That’s a very good point, that once you leave your computer or your laptop (or for that matter any device that lets you connect) Facebook is vibrant but you are no longer a part of it. Applications and services like Foursquare help you remain connected no matter where you are.

    Although it is a great application for connecting people who might be at the same place and finding interesting locations while you are visiting some place the greatest benefit will manifest when local businesses start using it to highlight their services; some of them are already doing it.

    1. Downloaded Hashable. Nice UI. But like with Twitter, I will probably need some time to understand why I would keep broadcasting to the world, who I had lunch with, or coffee. Why would I introduce somebody on Twitter and not Linkedin? Hmmm… surely I am going to need a ‘Hashable for dummies’ 😉

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