7 thoughts on “How Real Lost Its Way”

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  2. First they were a software company. Then Microsoft came to town and started to kill that business.

    So then they became a media company. Then they realized that, unlike cable, it was impossible to hold onto customers – that the customers would go where the content was and they were drawn into expensive battles for content.

    Then Apple came along and showed that the real trick to making music work on the internet was integrated hardware and software with a heavy dose of marketing.

    All the while, they were making their software worse and worse and worse. Here’s a good plan for Real: sell of your assets and return the money to the shareholders because clearly you’ve got no plan and no place to go.

  3. The Real client is one of those applications that I absolutely hate to install on my machine. It wants to take over everything, and they did a great job of hiding all the preferences needed to regain control of your machine. I think it is somewhat better behaved now than in the past, but I still equate Real with what amounts to spyware. Let that be a lesson to companies building clients.

  4. Of course the slippery slope is that the constant proliferation of new CODECs (e.g. Monkey, FLAC, etc.) creates an ongoing arms race for the media player providers. As soon as a new format or DRM scheme appears, than there is an opportunity for a new media player to pop up that really supports all video, image and audio formats. Can there every really “be only one”?

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