2 thoughts on “Microsoft IPTV’s New Set Back”

  1. What is Microsoft doing getting involved in IPTV business. IIt made billions of dollars monoplizing the Software Business. After having lost against the United Staes and State Governments monoply suit it got busy settling with Companies that accused it of Monoply. Microsoft paid huge amounts of settlements. It even settled with an inventor whose Patent infringement case against Microsoft had been pending for years.

    Now Microsoft is looking to get World Telecom companies involved in contributing to the Microsoft wealth because the world is after it in the Computer operating systems. Linux is taking away chunks of its business. I’ll confess it’s unfair that people will switch to Linux only to drive Microsoft out of Windows operating system Business.

    But for World Telecoms to join Microsoft in getting the consumers to start spending in a field different from the cellular phone service business is outrageous.

    These Telecoms are, probably the only companies that make money in the cellular phone service business. I know it for a fact that Cellular phone manufacturers are loosing havily selling their cell phones because their customers are these World Telecoms that sell Cell phone service to their customers. These telecoms buy the Cell phones at rock bottom prices so that they can give them away to their cell phone service subscribers at rock bottom prices. These Phone manufacturers are getting wiser and manufacturing high end cellular hand held devices and ofsetting some of their cell phone losses by selling these highend phones.

    But the highend phone business of these Phone Makers is growing at a very low rate.But the Telecoms are branching out to join Microsoft to offer different services to their cell Phone services subscribers that number in several tens of millions. These subscribers should be very wary of the intentions of these Telecom companies and not subscribe to every service offered by these telecom Companies.

    One of the services, that is offered by these Telecoms is wireless Internet Service. That is a fraud. Total fraud since these telecom companies have not explored efforts to create a truly wireless service that can be delivered via the cell phones that are owned by their cell phone owners. Presently these cell phone owners have to buy the Laptops that have to be equipped with 802.11 chips or their owners have to have a wireless card and the Laptops have to be taken to Wi-Fi hot spots that are created by these Worldwide Telecom the worldover.

    Instead of getting into the Wi-Fi business these telecoms should invest in my efforts to create an Internet service that can be accessed by the owners of the Cell Phones through the use of these cell Phones.

    I’ve written in my several messages that the wireless internet service can be delivered through the cell phones by redeveloping an Internet Infrastructure that is server based which means that the clients (cell phones) no longer will have to process the data or the files and documents received from the servers but instead will only send the internet surfing commands to the remote servers owned by others
    like the Internet Service Providers.

    Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to conduct IPTV trials with Microsoft I ask the Telecoms to donate a few million Dollrs to me to develop my Browser and Infrastructure. Even the Cell phone Manufacturers will be beneficiaries of my Infrastructure and the new and Unique Browser and the cell phone business of ttheir manufacturers will grow exponentially if my Internet iInfrastructure is developed. So I Invite each of the phone manufacturers to donate a few million dollars to me for the purpose of developing my browser and infrastructure.

    My iemail address is newerawisp@rediffmail.com in case the telecoms and cell phone manufacturers want to donate some capital toward my efforts to change the way Internet Service is delivered.

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