7 thoughts on “My Hunch Is As Good As Jimmy Wales' Hunch”

  1. I’m hearing about Hunch just now and decided to check it out..Wow, it was love at first sight! Jimmy Wales inclusion is only going to make it all the more better!

  2. @OM Malik… Great article! Hunch.com is the future.
    The SUV example in your last paragraph show us why.
    Unlike Twitter or FB, the business model is obvious.
    I’ve already registered to the site. It looks good.

  3. Where to start…I signed up for Hunch when it first released and what I liked most was the clean interface. It was just plain simple. After answering a plethora of questions I tested out a few questions. That was nice but I haven’t been back since.

    Since I haven’t been by in a while I decided to go check it out again and try it out. I think I’m going to find myself not returning again and here is why.

    I’m human. I’m not a robot. I like making decisions based upon my own research. I like reading reviews and coming to my own conclusions of what to do or buy. I don’t like answering a bunch of questions especially ones that appear to not be relevant (i.e. what does capital punishment have to do with buying a digital camera?).

    Hunch is not in my future. It feels like the business product was built around what advertisers would want or use rather than what a user would like to use.

  4. Really? Not sure I’m following the logic here. Still don’t understand why its so great. I checked it out months ago and it feels stale and offers little value save for a bit of fleeting entertainment.

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