26 thoughts on “Predictions: The Fabulous 5 for 2010”

    1. The predictions are “safe” in saying that these five companies will be making some serious headlines and thus be influential in 2010. I guess, think these companies can go in either direction – up or down.

      For instance, if Comcast blows the NBC deal then they are in trouble. otherwise you very well know what will happen.

  1. Hi Om:
    Thanks for the list. Twitter definitely needs to find a way to generate revenue in 2010. Considering your strong expertise in Telco/VoIP arena, I was expecting some predictions on the Telco/VoIP Side.
    Some thoughts:
    North American Operators will launch LTE/IMS/WIMAX successfully by 2010, Mobile VoIP goes mainstream, Skype launching its new telephony platform, Sprint calls it quits :-), Google will buy jajah for Google VoIP phone, Cloud telephony- make or break in 2010 etc


  2. No infrastructure calls, Om? Do you think the telecoms are investing enough on their backend mobile infrastructure as phones become computers and calls become transactions?

    1. No infrastructure calls — 2010 is going to be like 2009 — modest growth in the telecom arena, despite huge demand for broadband and mobile. I think you will be surprised how muted 2010 is going to be. More to follow later!

  3. What about app makers overall? GetJar CEO Ilja Laurs thinks apps will be bigger than the internet in 10 years– and all signs seem to say that could be the truth. Also, love that you are using a Burning Man photo to illustrate your predictions. Hopefully that doesn’t mean anything:)

  4. What, no placeholder for an unknown? To me that seems like the safest bet of all 😉

    Seriously though, a couple of these, and Twitter in particular, have nowhere to go but down, especially from a buzz perspective.

    I’m also a little surprised that Google’s not in the list when they’re releasing truly innovative stuff like Wave. Comcast instead? Really?

  5. Interesting and thoughtful predictions.

    You mentioned cloud computing as part of Amazon.com’s success, which I would agree with. However, I think the impact of Google and Microsoft in this market is going to be significantly greater than suggested.

    In the consumer space, Google Apps, Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Mobile 7, and the Microsoft Courier (Microsoft’s Booklet PC) will be huge market players that might actually eclipse the consumer products that Amazon.com will offer. Even if not, they will at least rival Amazon’s services.

    In the enterprise space, Amazon’s web service will face fierce competition from the Google App Engine and Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform (http://bit.ly/2b2sRd). Basing the future on current trends in this area is problematic since Windows Azure is still in CTP preview and will not be fully released until early 2010.

    Of course the only way to know for sure is to wait another 12 months and see.

    (I am contracted by M80, working with Microsoft to promote Windows Azure)

  6. I think Facebook will go public. Twitter may be a fad and Apple/Amazon/Google will continue to dominate no matter what happens.

  7. These aren’t even predictions. All of them state the obvious, and none of them provide any insight or surpise scenarios. True insight would provide surprise scenarios based on cobbling together a pattern that others could not perceive. Why not provide a second set of surprise scenarios/predictions? It takes a lot more effort to do so, but you’d provide a more valuable service to us all.

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