7 thoughts on “Will Zynga Use $180M Funding for Shopping?”

  1. I think they should buy Techcrunch. Then delete all posts on scamville. Then continue with the scammy offers. They will recover the $180 million in a couple of years max.

  2. They should use the money to give some money back to “ayant droits” and minimize their legal risks or they could be soliciting a lot of lawyers with some troubles they may have with their concept of making games 😉

  3. $350k/employee should make a networked games company very profitable.

    Nigel’s right – content is what they want. Maybe some talent, but they have the money (and equity value vector) for talent now.

    But maybe they should take the cash and bid for control of Digital Sky. That would be fun to see.

  4. possibly someone with licencing deals with some relevant brands in place? Honestly, I can’t understand the valuation Zynga received. I did a pretty rough analysis here: http://bit.ly/5OZZZr

    Maybe if they had the rights to make some games for some great brands, they could change their business model a bit so that they don’t have to rely on either a.) users buying virtual currency or b.) tricking users into signing up for scams

  5. I am amazed at how much they have raised. It’s hard for me to imagine people actually spending money to play those very simplistic games. But apparently it’s very profitable.

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