4 thoughts on “I want my MTV (Executive)”

  1. interest to see how tech & media are converging these days. with myspace & youtube, the line between content and technology is blurring.

    will the content providers in NY and LA come out on top, or will the Bay Area tech companies dominate? Hard to say at this point. looks to be a three horse race between these three Geos (NYC, LA, SF/Silicon Valley) for the eyes, clicks and keystrokes of the Y generation.

  2. If I were a startup, I would stay away from the toxic waste that is Yahoo management “talent” (unless you want your startup to be just as floundering).

  3. I’ll tell you that I recently made a big mistake by taking on an senior executive from a big brand portal, thinking that he’d be ideal for my startup…biggest mistake I ever made…the guys coming from these firms, especially the senior ones just don’t have what it takes to drive startups…they perform best in larger slower organisations

  4. thanks for the mention…

    some more former MTV folks:

    • Herb Scannell, former Chairman/CEO of Nickelodeon, now CEO of Next New Networks.

    • Joseph Varet, ex-BD guy for MTV, now CEO of LX.tv

    • Dina Caplan, ex-MTV News, now COO at Blip.tv

    it’s all about the video!

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