16 thoughts on “If Only Life Were a Jib-Jab Video!”

  1. Om; the plan of action that you’ve taken to get back into the swing of things is encouraging and influencing. I’ll be looking forward to reports of your continued solid recovery, and your insights into the tech sector. Thanks for your influence on me as a writer and analyst, I’m glad you’re back.

  2. What a wonderful interview Om! I remember Doug from so many years on Bay Area Backroads.

    Your calm and focus on your health is so good to see.

    When you get your strength back, I highly recommend that you walk around Phoenix Lake in San Anselmo. It is tucked away right on the border of Ross, and was a place that I used to go as a little girl on my bike (those were before the days of creepy kidnappers, when a kid could actually go somewhere by herself!). It is an amazing, rejuvenating and dare I say magical place that will truly invigorate your body and spirit.

    Whenever I come to visit the Bay Area from Arizona, I always make a stop there. It is a great place to take a solo hike, and is also a good family walk, since it is not too long.

    Good luck with your recovery, and I hope you can maintain your turtle pace once your health bounds back.

    All the best,


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