26 thoughts on “One 3G USB Modem That Works With Macbook Air”

  1. .. how fast is the wake-up boot once you muddy up the machine a bit by launching a few dozen apps, and sleep repeatedly ?

  2. Thanks for the response. I’ve only used my Air for about 30 minutes. 1.8 C2D with the 80g hard drive and the fan was surprisingly noisy. I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Thanks for the 3g usb modem tip!

  3. It looks like it will also work with the Sprint 595u (Sierra Wireless). I got some hands on time with one in an Apple store, and my biggest concern would be the small trackpad button, and the poor tactile feedback from it. Compared to my current MacBook Pro, it feels like it’s poorly connected on the back; button pushes aren’t as smooth or even.

    I know, I’m really nitpicking here.

  4. Sadly, while they pretend to sell the “Ovation U727 by Novatel Wireless” as part of the Sprint SERO program, they’re really lying and don’t allow you to select any plans for it. The next best is the ” AirCard® 595U by Sierra Wireless”, which, while cheaper, is probably too large to fit in the Macbook Air’s USB port. 🙁

  5. I’m using the Franklin CDU680 with service from Millenicom (http://www.acun.com/).

    The card is small, fits nicely with the Air, excellent support for the Mac. It shows reception bars on the menu bar, and the drop type provides indicator for 1x/EV, connect/disconnect, and GPS search (though the built-in GPS is pretty inaccurate).

    Millenicom resells Sprint EVDO service for $50/month, no contract, $50 signup, you don’t pay for the card, but you don’t own it either.

  6. @ Bob Smithson

    I agree, it looks awkward sticking out. though it is better than nothing.

    I hope more elegant solutions come to market soon.

    @ Assaf,

    thanks for the tip. Looks like a good find and I might try it out as well.


  7. Internet Connect (as you may have realised) has been integrated into System Preferences > Network. Also, if you click the Advanced button, there should be a checkbox within one of the tabs (I forget) that says something along the lines of “Connect automatically when needed” etc.

  8. Can’t you just create a Location in Network Preferences and enable the USB modem instead of going to Network Preferences each time?

  9. NEED TO KNOW FROM ALL OF YOU WHO BOUGHT AIR THE REASONS WHY YOU PURCHASED it. I’m an Apple lover but really can’t understand why one would buy. Let me know WHY and if you’re still pleased now that you have it!


  10. Is “minimalist” a fancy word for “has 10% of the features of any other laptop”? Elegant.. how? Quiet.. yes because there’s nothing in it to make noise. Portable.. just like any other laptop is portable.

    What I can’t understand is why people are willing to pay so much more to get so much less? Spend 1/3 of that price and you can get a fully loaded Dell laptop that has everything the Air is missing. Even if you want an Apple for some reason, get a regular macbook. They’re overpriced too, but not nearly as bad as the Air.

  11. Om,

    The Sierra Wireless USB modem that has the hinged adapter works great. I have two, one locked on AT&T, and the other unlocked which I’ve used on 3 and T-Mobile in the UK…

    Speeds are higher than on Sprint, though I’ve found better speeds on Sprint and Verizon in most places other than the west coast.

  12. Does this USB EVDO card have an exchangeable SIM? Would love to have option to remoe bberry SIM and pop it in this USB for more serious tethering when needed.

  13. Reasons I got a MBA
    1. Extreme portability (thin, light weight,)
    2. Battery life. (4.4 hours) Try that on a Macbook or another PC notebook. I really ran my MBA for 4.4 hours straight, before I needed to charge it.

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