5 thoughts on “Impressions of My First Grueling Day at Le Web”

  1. The sheer variety of people on the streets made me realize how cosmopolitan Paris can be in comparison to smaller cities like my current home base, San Francisco.

    I thought San Francisco is a very diverse city. It’s amazing that even San Francisco pales in comparison to Paris.

    My perfect moment came today when an Indian-looking couple asked me for directions in French. I had no clue what they said, but I answered in Hindi and got the job done. They were from Mauritius, incidentally.

    Amazing again! I have a friend of Indian ethnicity in Mauritius who says that they don’t speak any Indian language at home.

    1. It was an astounding moment for me personally, for I assumed that they knew the language and which by sheer luck they did. Regardless, I have been enjoying Paris for what it is, rather than focus on what it is not. Much easier to love a city that way.

  2. Sounds great. As always, you find gold in the dross. About jet lag and aging, so-called… all the years of observing and thinking have expanded your mind’s capacity. It becomes harder to slow it down, to confine it to its former boundaries. Peace.

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