3 thoughts on “How Much Data Does America Consume?”

  1. This has interesting implications for the Internet. As lot of that data (especially the TV stuff) will increasingly move to via the Internet in the coming year. That 2% of data share by Internet will only grow. And it will do so not just for Americans, but people everywhere. Clearly, Internet infrastructure has a lot of growing to do.

    1. Agreed, hence my conclusion that we are at the very start of the data revolution and information overload that is hitherto unseen and can be both a curse and an opportunity.

  2. Well video games I am not surprised about. Us video gamers know that the only thing limiting greater usage is that a day only has twenty four habits and the body’s annoying need to sleep.

    There is obviously a lack of correlation between time spent on a medium and the bytes generated. Obviously ten minutes of streaming video on the net generates a lot less then an HD sports transmission of ten minutes….

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