17 thoughts on “In His Own Words: Max Levchin (Video)”

  1. He’s pretty much exactly right about IMs. They used to be amazing but as the rest of the web evolved and they stayed stagnant. I remember windows had a webcam chat client back in the windows 98 days. And yet most clients still can’t do webcam chat with more than 2 people in the conversation. In over a decade nothing has gone forward?

  2. I found it particularly interesting that Max created an incubator primarily to initiate an environment of creativity.

    How do you come up with the best ideas possible? Easy! Just setup an atmosphere where great ideas are pooled together, then pick the best ones.

    1. I have a different take on incubators. Unless they are about a couple of people trying to get traction for their ideas, they typically go nowhere because then they are essentially a play on real-estate/money/resources. That is just boring.

      Some of the better ones are the ones such as Betaworks and in the past it was Idealab in its early days. I think rest of them haven’t been much of an impact. (I might be missing some, so apologies in advance.)

      1. yes, totally unwatchable on my connection. Youtube can pause it, let it load up and play right through. Your player would probably take 2 hours of on / off and listening to 1second sound at a time to watch this 15 min clip.

  3. Do you also have the video available from a different hoster such as Vimeo? ooyala is unfortunately not supported by Posterous and I would like to share interview on my blog…

  4. Good interview, but I could have done without the last 5 minutes or so. I literally fell asleep, lulled by Max’s monotone drone. Anxious for part two.

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