18 thoughts on “Unboxed: Samsung Galaxy Tablet [Video]”

  1. Samsung Tablet looks great there is just one problem is to expensive who wants to be tied down to a phone company bad enough we have contracts with cell phones for the price that they asking for, for that I get a Ipad and only wifi which is 400 to 500 which is less and 3 inches bigger that the tablets (samsung). Dont get more wrong If the price is right and only Wifi I would get one.

    1. Issac

      I think you are right about the price and I bet we see a major price war amongst all these folks and the tablet prices are going to come down. Which is good for the market!

    2. Isaac, I agree they need to get a WiFi only variant on the market. I am not interested in another mobile account. BTW, a WiFi only iPad starts at $499, not 400 to 500. I thing there’s and argument to be made for the value Galaxy Tab (things like expandable memory via microSD, two cameras). I also find value in being able to choose different keyboards and browsers as I see fit thanks to the Android Market. Yes Apple is a benchmark but I think the Galaxy Tab and its price point stands on the merits of the hardware and the Android platform.

  2. From what I’ve seen of reviews, the Galaxy Tab isn’t going to break any sales records, but I love the 7″ form factor. At least you could thumb type on it while walking around, which is more than could be said for the iPad.

    It’s interesting that even with the smaller size, they copied Apple’s full, wide bezels on all four sides. I’m waiting for the obvious “iPhone-esque” small tablet, with smaller bezels on the side so you can work it better in portrait mode, instead of giving up that capability in return for some misguided attempt to make the tablet usable from all angles.

    1. While you are walking around thumb typing and not paying attention to your surroundings, I’ll come by and easily snatch your device from you.

  3. For the price of the tab I expected phone capabilities. That is a deal breaker for me. It is a shame because otherwise it is a very good device. Why is it the US carriers opted out of phone services. I do not want to carry more than one device with me.

  4. My word, that’s expensive! Even here in Oz we pay lees. Galaxy Tab with 3G and 20GB data is $59 per month and nothing up front.


  5. I have this in India…It is very good but not excellent…I am using it for the past 1 week and it seems ok….It seems a bit costly in comparison to iPad…I like iPad more..

  6. It does seem expensive for a non-WiFi device and no phone service. It is small enough to carry in you coat or case, the iPad is kind of big for that. At mainstreethost.com we can make apps for both so we hope this takes off too. I will have to do a research study on the Samsung to get a better feel for it.

  7. good review. Pros -Fast. Well built with a slick design. Runs almost all Android apps. Supports Adobe Flash 10.1.
    Cons – Not enough tablet-centric software. Reflective screen. Slick back. more at info at http://www.mobile10.org/?page_id=15
    Bottom LineWith solid, well-designed hardware, the Samsung Galaxy Tab for Sprint is the first viable Android-based competitor to the Apple iPad. But so far, it doesn’t have apps that will compel you to buy one.

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