5 thoughts on “In India, VoIP can get you arrested”

  1. Probably you can verify it locally, but I have a suspicion that this is not properly reported. I think the raids are on suspected VoIP-PSTN patch activity: I call this kiosk from my house, they connect me to the far-end kiosk which makes a local to my partner. On the other hand, you established a VoIP call using wireless is perfectly legal.

    By the way, I suspect such restrictions are there even in US, though FBI may not haul people. I don’t think I can link my telephone line to my neighbor and both of us using one line. Phone patch may violate that. Similarly, can I share a cable line between me and my neighbor?

  2. yes that is correct. i think the story was not reported correctly. anyway i got the gist of it and your FAQ is nice

  3. Well most of the times such raids are done on the behest of VSNL (rather than the BSNL)

    VSNL wants to earn every paisa out of international calls terminating in India. There are some phone card companies in say US who sell cheap phone cards like 2-5 cents/minute and then they transfer calls to India on Internet. In India, they pay someone peanuts to host a well-connected computer that takes calls on internet and puts them on to the local telephone network.

    More often than not such operations are busted because police clearly sees such patterns of installation causing high internet bandwidth a lot of outgoing calls.

    I don’t know what to say about such things. I think the Govt has to take of restriction, or at least not punish these poor chaps so severly.

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