11 thoughts on “India is going DVD crazy”

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  2. Hey, how come Netflix isn’t huge over in India ?

    why doesn’t the DVD industry stop producing normal dvd players and mass produce DVD read/writers so people can burn tv shows like VCRs? DVD recordables in the US are still very expensive ..

    also, if you bought a DVD Player in India would it work in the US ?

  3. the reason netflix is not in india – well the mail system is completely screwed. and the concept may not work. on another topic, yes the DVD players bought in India will work in the US.

  4. Why is the mail system screwed up ?

    what if people in India could get Netflix using cell phones ? SMS type service ? thats where they need more graphical interface with DVD pictures …

  5. Why is the mail system screwed up ? Many reasons, some of which are:
    – low pay and consequent low motivation
    – erratic delivery schedules (some city suburbs have mail delivery only every other day)
    – rampant theft in the system: try getting a National Geographic subscription for folks in India and you’ll see that only a couple of issues are actually delivered.

    Until this is sorted out, using the mail system for a Netflix-style operation will never succeed.

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