19 thoughts on “Social Handset Maker INQ Bets on Android & Multitouch”

  1. Watching INQ operate in India, first piggybacking off Aircel, whose users are more curious about INQ than anything else, and then going with a campaign targeting the fashion conscious lot,
    considering that their phones are more budget conscious than the competition, a big win in India, it’s great to see how they are opening the mobile web wider and wider for general consumption, unlike the iPhone focus.

    Google still doesn’t understand social networking!

  2. What I find most curious about this story is that INQ is releasing social network centric handsets. Microsoft also has done the same with the Kin. I am wondering if this is a trend that we will be seeing through calendar 2010 and 2011?

    These types of phone are obviously appealing to a young crowd (teens and early 20’s). Perhaps another reason why price point is set lower.

  3. This seems like a big deal — for Android, Android partners but also for Nokia and RIMM.

    Android is no iOS but it’s pretty good. Combine that with a company experienced in making computing devices at differnt price points and it could really push the smartphone market into hyperdrive. And make many people just bypass a Nokia device or Blackberry.

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