6 thoughts on “Best Buy Admits Defeat, Gets Rid of Speakeasy”

  1. What ‘leadership position’ is he talking about? Did I miss something? Perhaps he is talking about their leadership position in the race towards extinction.

  2. We had Speakeasy as our premier internet provider for all of our buildings http://bentlyholdings.com, and then when they went Best Buy, all of their great account reps were pushed out… and they lost 75% of our business by my choice because of their new reps mistakes. This, going to Covad, that’s the nail in the coffin; my largest issues are often Covad installers not following written, basic, directions. Their transfer to Best Buy lost 10k a month from me, there went the rest.

    1. Fancy seeing you here Brady. These kinds of ISPs are a fading breed, and the only differentiation between them is customer service. Speakeasy used to have easily the best CS. Now they’re like everyone else, sadly.

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