8 thoughts on “Instagram wannabes…”

  1. Lots of Instagram wannabe users out there because there’s still no android app in sight and browser is no way to access its network either. Time to embrace the non-iOS market.

  2. the thing about instagram is it has soul. too many services are trying to copy and paste there way into relevancy. the real ones don’t need to fake it.

  3. I’ve listened to Kevin. He is a smart guy. He’s patient and knows that Instagram is not just a photo sharing app, but it is something else. The filters turn an ugly cell phone picture into a thing of beauty. I not only love posting photos, I love looking at what my friends have posted. When I post a photo, I tag it and then look at other photos with similar tags. The app is a great design. I am interested in trying Vlix.

  4. Yeh i think people will stick with Instagram after all this time because its developed such a strong fan base and its got all these extra third party apps to fill in any gaps that its not providing like Statigram( http://statigr.am/) where you can get a whole host of stats in relation to your uploads onto Instagram. Its awesome!

  5. So what you are saying is that Instagram is just an attention hub of our lives in beautified form… Like reality TV it is just a pass time… Do you think then that it does not have a purpose at all? And why do you think we like spending all that time looking at beautiful pictures…? Oh and is there any way to get my hands on that chat you had with the CEO of Instagram? Thanks a lot!!

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