5 thoughts on “Why mobile will impact holiday shopping”

  1. With smartphone penetration getting higher and higher, I can only expect mobile to be more and more influential for commerce. But its not just mobile in and of itself, you have to look at what people use their phones for and what they’re constantly receiving notifications of. People spend a lot of time wired into Facebook and talking to their friends there and I think this influence will carry over into commerce. There are a number of companies mentioned at http://buyfacebookfansreviews.com that do nothing other than help promote peoples’ Facebook pages and I think its clear that businesses are looking to this social media to impact their bottom line. There are 2 parts to the equation though: you have to find ways to get fans and then reach out to them and get them to benefit you and that’s something that I don’t think many businesses have mastered yet.

  2. The notion that mobile devices will play a large role in the upcoming holiday season should not come as a surprise to companies, especially considering that 59 percent of smartphone owners used their devices for holiday shopping activities in 2010 (according to a Google report). With the number of smartphone users continually increasing, retailers can no longer afford to delay the creation and implementation of their mobile strategies. These companies need to begin developing their mobile offerings now to ensure everything is in place for them to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. To make this easier, companies need to choose a partner with capabilities across numerous devices (Android, Apple, etc.) and channels (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to ensure they are maximizing the potential of their mobile strategy.

    David Eads

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