7 thoughts on “Intel-Mac users having Joost problems”

  1. What about of non-sense. What does volume of users have to do with quality of code? You either wrote quality code and had strong quality assurance and regression testing or not.

  2. i’m on intel mac. i’ve not seen these problems on 0.9.2 as of yet. but truthfully, i don’t use it a whole heck of a lot because i seem to encounter a few connection glitches during each music video or program and that kind of ruins it for me. this is with decent time warner cable broadband an a 802.11n router 🙁

  3. Traffic would not impact specific OS/X or chips.

    Sounds more like a First Generation Intel-Mac chip problem. Those of us who got the “first batch” will forever regret not holding off a few months for the 2nd Generation chip.

    There are numerous problems that are just now appearing with Gen 1 chips — I’ve already resigned myself to thinking of it as a fairly expensive DVD player.

  4. I know this is not the best way, but I’ll still try. Can somebody please send me a Joost invite at shahsapan [at] gmail [dot] com


  5. Well, it is still in beta afterall. Problems like that shouldn’t be unexpected. Having said that, I installed and ran Joost just fine yesterday on my C2D iMac.

  6. Have to disagree with rat. My MacIntel is 1st Gen – it was early adopting, starting with the PPC Mini, that brought me over to OS X. The MacIntel followed on.

    I was early with Joost – 1st on my now-departed Windoze machine, then, with the MacIntel Mini as soon as they had the beta up and running. Never had any problems with the critter.

    Haven’t dropped by their site in a week or two and perhaps their current code has dropped in a new bug. It does happen, ya’ know.

  7. I have a spanking new Intel Mac runnng the latest 0.1 Joost release, and I am having similar problems… and a number of others besides. The bugs are erratic, and change from day to day. Also some issues with cacheing I think. I say it’s their code. Sometimes have to delete .plist files to get it all going again.

    Also having loading and quality issues described above, but figure these aren’t Mac specific and connected to the trouble Joost is having handling the volume.

    Joost is a promising service. I will keep trying out the next updates (it’s still a beta!) and watch it improve (I’m sure it will).

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