4 thoughts on “Ding dong, dial-up is (finally) gone”

  1. Om,
    my rule of thumb.
    If it ain’t a queuing system, it ain’t good.
    Mail (USPS) really slow but stacks up nicely. Disadvantage: Can’t be automated, have to look at every piece.
    Email: Perfect can be automated.
    TV (TIVO, PVR): TIVO can’t be categorized enough, my kid’s shows fill up root, makes it hard to find something on my 200G I will never watch. Who knows when NOVA is on on TV, but I know I got 20 in queue to choose from.
    Phone: Why can’t we get voice mail out of sequence without an iphone?

    IM: send me an email.

    In other words manage your own time and use technology to do so, not to disrupt you all the time. As Google has shown the world, computers are actually pretty good at prioritizing queues, i.e find important stuff and put it first in the queue.
    Remember the internet is just a series of pipes a’em queues, whatever 🙂

  2. I think that it’s amazing that AOL still has 12 million subs even after they went free. That I would assume is just iceing on the cake for them.

  3. Uh, USPS “is” pretty much automated. The junk mail, which consumes most of its ergs, is encoded for magnetic and/or ocr reading.

    I can’t get any more sentimental about dial-up than I could about POTS. It all sucks!

  4. I wouldn’t say people spent any less time on the internet when they had dial-up. As soon as my family got internet service in the mid 90’s, that was all I did! I stopped watching TV. And also as a consequence, we suddenly stopped receiving any phone calls. Then we had to get a second line so I could go online all the time. Broadband just makes it an even more enjoyable waste of time… er… I mean, experience. 🙂

    I do find it amazing that AOL still has 12 million subscribers. Are all of those dial-up? I wonder what the age demographic looks like of people still using dial-up.

    I remember the first time I was talking to someone on the phone while I was online when I got broadband. They said “How are you doing that??!!” Ah yes, the innocent days of the internet.

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