8 thoughts on “Introducing, Grouper”

  1. Why does everyone like to invent things from scratch? Your points about AIM/MSN are well taken, though personally I’d rather Grouper use Jabber since it’s more open.

  2. Paul, I agree with you on Jabber, but what I think is important is that we should be able to leverage the networks we have. I think with AIM and MSN and Yahoo and Jabber and others, we already have connections to people in place

  3. Great article. I’ve been using Grouper for few weeks now and I’m fairly impressed as well. I think that the main reason that Grouper has its own IM feature is 1. You can IM only between people in your group – your group is your buddy list. 2. All IM text is fully encrypted while MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM and AIM texts are sent in clear text over the internet – not a lot of privacy here.

  4. Hello I think that the bandwith/storage issue is resolved for picture sharing with PiXPO it also has it own chat and this is for the community that you are in.

    thanks if you want to share images without having to download them use PiXPO

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