5 thoughts on “Microsoft, Symbian in Palm’s future?”

  1. Dell has never ruled out a Palm OS device, though they’re always coy about it. It seems unlikely that they would go with Palm though, their PocketPC devices have been solid and they offer better Wi-Fi support, something PalmSource has been slow to incorporate.

  2. I doubt it. Having spoken to a lot of people at Nokia, I know that Nokia percieves that one of the key barriers to PDA-like functionality on Symbian is the extreme difficulty of developing applications for Symbian….

    Since a key strength of the Palm platform is the ability to quickly develop new apps (and thus fostering a larger amount of 3rd party apps), it’s doubtfull that Palm would be so stupid as to adopt Symbian. Symbian may be more geared to cell phones today, but that does not make it better for what cell phone will be in 18 months, neven mind the stability issues with some Symbian versions….

    More likely, Nokia and Palm will collaborate to make mobile connectivity a more real reality, esp. with PDA’s.


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