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  1. uh, nice posting over there, but what exactly is the point? is there some distinct content focus or personality that we should see evidenced within the writing, or simply an alternate domain with similar topics and same writers? if you’re really gonna go at it with that proletariat-style title, perhaps you oughta consider a more simple forum approach, or a digg style site where you might lead discussion on interesting articles and items (hmmm, you could do this with the pligg english implementation of meneame.net’s open source digg clone…just a thought đŸ™‚

  2. Dave,

    good questions. While we deal with mostly issues of technology, and business here at gigaom, webworkerdaily is more about “how you work” and lifestyles and other related topics. for instance, there are issues of dealing with cabin fever, or working remotely and still trying to be part of a team.

    on the forum suggestion, we are waiting to get the design/backend implemented and of course, it will be open to discussions and all your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    I am not sure about the pligg and would have to look into it. If you would like to be part of the weblog, just let us know … we are always looking for thoughtful folks like yourself.

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