3 thoughts on “No Silver Lining For Vonage”

  1. Am reading a great book at present called “broadbandits” the name of the author escapes me.
    I think in a couple of years when you reprint and edit this Om that you will be adding a chapter called Vonager

  2. okay, we all know you have it in for/hate/loathe/love to pick on vonage. please ease it up. its depressing and mean spirited. i happen to be a big fan of vonage because i dont want to give my cable company any more money than they are already stealing from me. and i dont want to be bound to another gimmicky proprietary device from skype that requires my computer to use.

    and i find your cartoon avatars silly, unprofessional, and childish.

  3. Don’t confuse product value for money and share value for money. As a consumer I couldn’t give a monkey’s about the share price if the product is good and cheap. If Vonage goes t**s up, who cares (shareholders?, tough), I got to use a great product and screw the telcos and cablecos, could life be better than that.

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