17 thoughts on “iPhone, Android Dominating the Mobile Web”

  1. Do you think the data from AdMob is skewed since they offer advertising solutions geared specifically to iPhone/iPod touch/Android devices + AdMob is probably signing on many more publishers targeting just these devices?

    1. I think it is skewed because they can’t speak for all the publishers and all the websites because not everybody is using their services.

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with their methodology, but it is the depth of data I have an issue with.

      1. Do you think it’s skewed because AdMob get 50% of their hits from the US where sites are, as mentioned, modified for iPhone and Android? I’m guessing yes on that one.

        Perhaps you might want to publish Statcounters finding on mobile OS usage. It has a rather different set of trends.

  2. I agree with you, more and more people are spendign time on their smartphones and I am one of them so it is not unique. It will be interesting to look at these analytices a year from now, I thnik it will just get blown as more and more people access the net from their mobile device.

  3. Don’t think it’s fair to show iPhone as a single category. Not sure if admob is able to see split between iPhone 3GS,3G and 2g but it’s like in showing data for Nokia N series

  4. When I read the chart, I am struck by howhard it is to remember which is Hero and which is Dream or Magic. And the difference between the Samsung SCH R350 and SCHR450 is…? Seriously, consumers are getting bombarded with models from OEMs and who can keep track of which model variant is on which carrier network?. Wouldn’t it be a fairer fight to at least aggregate up all requests OEM to show their contribution to advertising revenue for a particular OS? It takes, what, 7 models to equal half of the requests from iPhone alone?

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