12 thoughts on “Skype Is Now Available on Verizon”

  1. Completely lame; you have to disable WIFI to use this application. How does this help anyone other than Verizon? If I’m to use this frequently I won’t be able to access my home or work network while it’s open which completely limits its usefulness to me. I don’t even understand the limitation technically? Is this their way of ensure this application can only be used on the Verizon network? Way to go Verizon… one big step forward and two back. I like my WIFI… you can keep this application until you un-cripple it.

  2. i guess the network is getting overloaded with everyone testing this out. for me at least it has been completely impossible to get any calls through. half the calls are getting busy signals right away and the other half are ringing for about 30 seconds and than getting busy signals.

  3. VZ has done a geat job in tearing apart and deconstructing all value and usability from Skype.

    The experience is terrible. Also why would VZ give all international calling revenue to Skype?

    I would say Skype wins here but the user experience is so bad that I think both VZ and Skype loose big

  4. The busy signal is not VZ’s fault. It is because Skype does not have enough TDM trunks for VZ voice calls to go through. When you use Skype mobile, it actually makes a voice call to a Skype server and from there goes to another Skype user.

  5. I am baffled. I have been using Skype on my Verizon Droid since the day I got it three months ago. What am I missing here???

  6. The app is just awful and pointless. You can’t use it over Wi-Fi. You can’t use it to call US numbers. What good is this app? The only thing you can do is use Verizon’s data network to make international calls.

  7. You guys are so stupid! The purpose of this application is to use Skype when you are not sitting in front of your computers! They want the call to route via the data plan that you have not your home WIFI connection. It defeats the purpose of having it on your phone. Its a mobile application. If you want to use your home internet connection log onto your computer. What a bunch of frickin idiots. The application is the bomb! It works great!!!

  8. This makes no sense. I use Skype as much for IM as I do for calling, actually, more. All of my business contacts that I call Internationally are on my Skype, and unless we have scheduled meetings / calls, we typically use the IM.

    Now, I can’t just walk in the office and have it just work. Have to disable WiFi. Then depending on what I am doing I have to turn WiFi on and off and I blink in and out of my IM.

    Also the calling is bad too.

    Even though I am in the office, I wanted to run Skype on my mobile since I go to meetings, go to lunch, run to the bathroom and more things, but I can’t run the Skype client on my phone, it is totally worthless.

    Guess it’s an iPhone for me. No more Verizon. Irritating.

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