11 thoughts on “Are You an iPhone App Addict?”

  1. I’m a Mac and I’m an addict too it looks like. For my money, if you got it, flaunt it…..

    I have both the iPhone and the iPod Touch and have them both nearly full of apps of all kinds. I cannot imagine not having one or the other of these things close by or on me at all times. I use several apps on both multiple times every day. Some more than others.

    I got the iPod Touch first and for the first time in my life I was proud of my country’s technology. Just kidding about it being the first time. More like the millionth….. I have been in technology since the fifties and have seen it grow from non existent to where it is now. So somebody wants to call me an addict for dragging out one of my devices to do something of interest to me, go for it. I’m tickled pink for you and me both….. What a country…..

  2. Frickin’ labels, and the stupid spyware-ish analytics companies that secretly track your phone usage and try to lump you into some category.

    Perhaps an app is is only useful if it is used multiple times per day. I’ve got one, an exercise and food intake tracker. I use it at least 6-8 times per day, not because I am addicted to it, but because that is how often per day I eat and need to log my food.

    I check the stock market multiple times per day, as well as the news. Does that make me an addict to those apps, or does it mean I’ve found a convenient tool to access the data I want?

    I’d encourage any users who are jailbroken to modify their hosts file to block these trackers, and if you’re not jailbroken but have privacy concerns to check into it.

  3. On top of that, when you check into these ‘analytic companies’ that are so used to using users’ privacy like commodities, you find that they used to be spam and direct mail marketing slime; that they couldn’t do business in their state(s) due to Can-Spam Acts and stuff like that.

    Now they do ‘analytics’ and employ on- or off-shore ‘slumdogs’ to make their (cr)apps and maintain their ‘data centers’ offshore to avoid prosecution in the United States. One of ’em just got busted by the FBI:


    And they call normal lusers ‘addicts’? I wonder what they call the jailbreakers?

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