42 thoughts on “AT&T Service Is Having Problems in NY, NJ”

  1. I was getting less bars in more places this morning, but seems back to normal. It was odd because I was in locations were I usually get strong signal but was showing none.
    This is with an iPhone 3G in NJ.

  2. Not specifically today, but I have had intermittent problems in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio for almost two weeks. Seems to be a problem with their 3G coverage, or overlap or something like that. A friend here at work pointed out that if you turn off the 3G network on the iPhone, then everything starts working again (albeit alot slower on the Edge network).

  3. it’s working for me all day & i’m on 53rd & Broadway off of Times Sq. – which was, last I checked, still pretty East Coast-y

    1. Staten Island , NY here and no service .. went to a nearby center and they said someone fell into a hole and “fried”. their words not mine .. its 5 pm and no service. As this is my only telephone service it really is an issue

  4. i’m located in denville, nj, and i’ve been having problems all day. when i make a call, the call goes through, but i can’t hear it ring, nor can i hear the person answering on the other end. when i receive a call, i can hear the caller, but they can’t hear me. very frustrating!

    hasn’t been fixed yet — still happening, and i’ve re-booted the phone numerous times.

    1. Also got me in Morris County NJ this AM. Called AT&T 611 — no knowledge. Went to Apple store — they knew and said turn off 3G — “fixed voice” but killed data … seems better now. Would like to know what the hiccup was.

  5. No I live in south been slower than dial up! me think big brother is fishing for something @ least in south.

  6. same here in nj iphone still not wokring on the 3g network but switch it to edge and works fine whats going on att ??????

  7. They didn’t fix it. I’m in Hoboken and its been happening to me for at least 2 hrs now. Can’t even call 611 to complain.

  8. I am on Morristown, 3G devices are having problems, data is fine but voice services are affected, delays and unnexpected silence on the network, also cannot hear collegues, but they can hear me, any ETA or any other fount to find information related?? Regards

  9. I live in Northern NJ and I had problems since morning today where callers would not be able to hear me. So I called up AT&T Business support and they had no clue about any outages and said it must be an iPhone problem (how convenient). So I called Apple and the first CSR made me restore my iPhone to factory defaults (and in the process wasting an hour of my work time)… Thankfully I got disconnected and the second time I called up Apple, a nice CSR named Jason confirmed to me that there has been 3G outages in the Northern NJ area and he asked me to turn off 3G and voila! everything worked.

    I am near my breaking point with AT&T — how many more problems are they going to have and yet keep Apple iPhone exclusivity? After a point, it does not make sense to have an iPhone and not be able to use it as a phone — which is what happened to me today…

    Few more issues like today, I’m gonna break up with AT&T and iPhone!

  10. I live near Parsippany NJ. Incoming calls I couldn’t hear anybody, but they could hear me. Switched to Edge, everything fine, this was about 1pm today or so. Tried agin around 4:15pm at the Morristown Train station, issue persisting. I’m using an iPhone 3GS. I’m just leaving it on EDGE until later tonight, then I’ll try it again. Bah.

  11. Worked fine this AM, stopped in late morning, put phone on Edge and it worked OK but had difficulty with getting internet. Now 7:30 PM and all seems OK.

  12. AT&T DSL has been spotty in Michigan, yesterday and today. Test with traceroute (via Apple Network Utility) show traffic is routed through toronto to NY. Was thinking of getting an iPhone, but maybe not! Verizon is boring but reliable.

  13. That doesn’t explain why some of my voicemails for the last few weeks come in hours after the incoming call. At&t blows

    1. I’ve been having problems with people who call me not getting voicemail after 30 seconds. It just gives an error code and hangs up. I’m near Edison NJ and commute to Penn station for work.

  14. How is this any different than any ordinary day? Please end the madness Apple and give us an iPhone on Verizon.

  15. Made a call from Grand Central – 42nd & Park at about 6 PM and the call was very choppy with 100% bars.

  16. I am living in NY, I hv been having problems all day. when i make a call, the call goes through but I am not able to hear at other end.

    Sofia Mathur
    Project Manager

  17. Yes I’ve noticed. From yesterday afternoon, calls’ audio would cut in and out on my iphone. 3G Data worked extremely slow.

    I live in Brooklyn and work in Soho.

    I HATE AT&T. They are more expensive than sprint and t-mobile but worse.

  18. On the train up to newark thursday i noticed some issues using the internet and i had 2-3 bars when i normally have 5. Also along the hudson waterfront (NJ side) there were some lag times pulling up sites on 3G, normally it is quite fast.

    – A

  19. YES! Major problems in Astoria, Queens! Every single call for three or four days the other end can’t hear us, while we can hear them, bars bounce from 4 to 2 to zero, or calls drop. Couldn’t even complete the call to customer service. I’m extremely frustrated and want to know my options. Has anyone had help getting a resolution from a customer service rep for a refund of service on this VERY expensive plan? Seems if it takes up 25% of a month, we should have a 25% credit. Is going into an AT&T store an option.

  20. We’re having problems here in Martin TN, we have bars, but no network connection. Lucky to get a text sent out every random so often…This is a recent issue…

  21. We are having major problems in Catskills, NY. my phone was all over from no bars to 5 bars yesterday and today. No service even with 5 bars. When I could call out the voice I heard was scratchy. Tried to call customer service but wouldn’t take my call due to high call volume. Googled and found this article. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  22. chelsea nyc- my calls have been getting dropped and sound chopped up for approx 5 days all day.
    I’ll be switching service tomorro- are they going to try and charge me a fee for breaking the contract ?

  23. Princeton NJ – AT&T wireless and iPhone problems this entire weekend into today (Monday). Get full bars but phone not working (call and just hangs). Reboot phone and works. Not the iPhone, it’s AT&T (others are having same problem). AT&T sucks.

  24. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and am constantly having problems with AT&T’s 3G network. I am on my second Blackberry phone and am still experiencing problems. I’m sure that the problem in NY/NJ won’t be a one-time thing. The problems are constant here in Cincy. Their network is very unreliable. I am getting a lot of dropped calls during all times of the day and night, poor voice quality where it cuts out during a call and there is static and crackling in the line when you make a call, voice mails and text messages I don’t receive for several hours, the 3G network actually goes down frequently, and poor reception. Plus, the internet on my phone is very slow. I never had these problems with Verizon. When you call customer service or tech support, it’s a joke, they blame the problems on the phone. It’s not the phone, it’s their overloaded network. Nobody at AT&T cares about the customer or fixing these problems. I have done research and there are literally tens of thousands of AT&T complaints online and to the Better Business Bureau.

  25. I haven’t had service all day. I am waiting to hear back from graduate school and I have voicemail I can’t read. I am in eastern PA.

  26. I just recently switched to AT & T Wireless from Verizon. I cannot receive any incoming calls from (570)842 or (570)848. There is no indication on my phone that it’s ringing nor do I receive a message. For those calling the phone just rings & rings. My phone # is (570)842. The calls I don’t receive are my neighbors.

  27. I just switched to AT&T and a Samsung phone. All my incoming calls complain that I am breaking up but I can hear them. I am in Wayne, NJ.

  28. South Jersey att phones have been down all fri am and now email on phone is not working. phone is now indicating no service in a very serviceable area. I am right outside of Philly. something is def up.

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