Is this an iPod Shuffle or an IP-PBX?

6 thoughts on “Is this an iPod Shuffle or an IP-PBX?”

  1. Dear Om:

    here ” I am guessing it could work on any old Mac that can support OS-X.” you are guessing wrong.
    We are booting off the iPod Shuffle – a customized 4S Linux from Scratch
    This is commercial grade VoIP software, based on the 4S newcom and ultimately the snom SIP stack, so I might takers for a 100 bucks – but who wants that ;-?


  2. “It has to be the smallest smallest IP PBX.”

    I guess that “2.0” also means that editors don’t even have to work anymore and make any check on vendor’s claim anymore ?

    Let’s google “smallest ip-pbx” :

    Or, if you want a more “serious”, yet smaller alternative :

  3. it does work with Outlook – so I guess you could say it works with Exchange.
    What does work now is to right-click a contact and have the IP PBX establish the call.
    We are currently working on sending dialog-state to Outlook, so you can have pop-ups for incoming calls etc.

  4. And does it work with any Linux PIM? Why only Outlook? I think it should work with at least Entourage and KMail. Also I whish it could cooperate with Skype and Gizmo and GTalk and … Wouldn’t this be possible? I mean: After all it’s all software.

    But to sum it up: The iBlue is a really great device.

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