403 thoughts on “Is the Internet the "Paris" of the new millennium?”

  1. Remember to get a few off-schedule walks in, Om. Between work and food, entertaining people and conversation, it’s too easy to forget to treat your body to the functions least likely to be satisfied by air travel and taxis.

  2. Great article Om.

    Interestingly this new elite of the 1920s gathered in the Montparnasse area, where our Appsfire headquarters are. Of course, as you suggest, the new “Paris” is now in the ether. Yet, the catalyst is always very much IRL: LeWeb north of Paris, Silicon Sentier on the right bank, Silicon Valley 9 time zones away, or any hub where like-minded spirits can meet and foster innovation and new businesses.

  3. Great post! I guess building a successful startup is the ultimate form of Art… Anyway @Autoreduc we feel really lucky to be based in Paris. Maybe we’ll get to live the Internet’s Renaissance? 😉

  4. I’m a technogeek, but I’m sorry, entrepreneurs are not artists. They are creative, that can not be denied, but the primary focus is not on expressing the internal world of a human being in all its complexity. The primary focus is making money. This is just too wide a bridge to be spanned. I do believe the Internet is a wonderful petri dish for the creative, artistic community, and in many ways for these reasons is like Paris, but that’s about community and shared ideas, it’s not about hungry young capitalists looking for a way to break into markets and make a killing, using the Internet as a crowbar.

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